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LLP Registration India

For superb and expeditious company registrations in all across India, and secured foreign direct investments in India, ours globally renowned law firm well-based in India is enormously famous and popular in every part of India and the world. Our these first-class and reputed legal services for company registrations in every economic sector indispensably include proficient LLP registration services rendered in all across India and worldwide. Ours this highly profitable web article is dedicated to offering the full gamut of creative information about our excellent and fast services for LLP registrations in entire India. Pertinent and beneficial here is to mention that ours richly experienced and globally well-connected legal organization has been providing legal services in all areas of the law, which are essentially and closely connected with businesses in all economic sectors, at national and worldwide levels.

The Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are now hugely famous and popular form of companies in most of the countries of the world, inevitably including India. In majority of countries, theses LLPs are specifically known as the limited liability companies (LLCs). The outstanding reasons for LLPs being so popular are - easy and fast formation, no burdensome capital and other requirements, only two partners are requisite at the minimum, freedom of flexible administration and management privately, benefits of limited liability like incorporated companies, perpetual existence, and tax related concessions like limited companies.

LLP Registration Services

Our well-developed and extensively experienced law firm is now widely famous for LLP registration India, by Indian and foreign entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, and industrialists, interested in the businesses of diverse economic sectors. Our lenient LLP registration fees have also been supporting our ever-growing prominence. These LLP registrations in places all along the length and breadth of the country are regulated as per the rules and regulations given in the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008. The concerned governmental bodies for LLP registrations in India are the pertinent ROC and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The LLP registration procedure encompasses the tasks of making DPINs and DSCs, governmental consent to the proposed company names, filing Form-2 and Form-4, drafting elegant LLP Agreement and filing Form-3, and processing all applications and forms for LLP registration. Ours adept and proficient company attorneys perform these all tasks expertly and responsibly, for the best possible service to our Indian and foreign clients. The Form-2 bears relevant information about the partners, head office of the LLP company, and other details about the company. And, the Form-4 contains appointment letters and consent letters of the designated partners, and necessary information about them. The Form-3 provides information about the LLP Agreement, which is essential for administration and management of the LLP.