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Company Law

The company law is perhaps the most vital and magnificent law closely connected with the entire economy of any progressive country. Formation of a company is the very first step towards starting a secured and reputed business in any economic field, in any part of the concerned country. This company law not only provides provisions for formation and registration of a company, but also guides, regulates, and controls proper functioning and management, and winding up of the businesses of a company. Hence, well-informed, superb, and expeditious services for company law form the core part of ours complete coverage of legal services, which are delivered in nations, situated worldwide, both at national and international levels. All major, most significant, and influential streams and disciplines of the law, are covered expertly and responsibly by ours globally admired legal professionals, for providing rich and lavish services to people and entities of the world over. Moreover, all various economic fields are encompassed by ours legal services related with company law and all other areas. In this precious web article, we are offering information only about the company law in India, and our legal services associated with this company law in all across India.

Company Law in India

The company law of India represented by the New Companies Act, 2013, is well-developed and highly refined law to support and promote India's one of the largest and fast progressive economies of the world. This New Companies Act, 2013 is the most magnificent and predominant law for company formations and regulation in India, to support Indian and foreign people and entities. In every moderately big State of India, there is appointed a Registrar of Companies (ROC) under section 396 of this federal company law of India, to supervise company registrations and ascertain proper and stringent compliance with the rules and regulations provided in this company Act. The Central Government of India keeps up apex administrative controls over all offices of ROC through certain Regional Directors. In strict accordance with this company law in India, we perform services for company registrations in India, administration and management of companies, corporate restructuring, foreign direct investment in India, formation of section-8 companies, and winding up of receding companies.